Oasis Village Trust

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Oasis Village Trust is a charity with a vision to transform the lives of orphans in Ndola, Zambia. It is run by a local Belfast girl, Nicki Moyo, and her family who live in Ndola. The project started in 2007 with the purchase of a site and the initial aim is to have ten chalets which will house six orphans in each one. House mums will also be employed with preference given to widows so that in turn they can help to support their own children. We currently have eight chalets built, an ablution block, a large canteen and a jungle gym. We have also planted many fruit trees and the vision is also to set up a primary school which will be for our orphans and for children who live in the surrounding area so that this will help to bring money into the project.

The last two years have been a struggle in relation to digging a bore hole to bring water into the site. This is something that is needed before the orphanage can officially open. Praise God that on our fifth attempt in November 2013 we got a vast supply of water on site and the next stage will be to get this piped into the buildings. We also have electricity on site so we are very nearly at the stage where we can officially open.

It’s been a difficult and challenging project over the last few years but it has also been very rewarding. All the fundraising and hard work over the years has been worth it when we think about the lives that will be changed as a result of the orphanage. We were very blessed in September 2013 when our first two children moved in. To see the transformation in their lives over the past few months has been incredible. They were living in dire circumstances and we couldn’t sit back any longer. Their mum had died a few years earlier from aids and their dad was also sick with aids and had lost his job and they became homeless and he couldn’t look after his  children so they went to live with the grandparents, but it only came to light in the Summer of 2013 that they were being treated very badly. We have given their dad a job at Oasis so he can live with his children for the time that he has left. Their lives have been transformed overnight and they are so happy. The money raised from this pantomime went to buying Elijah and Gilrina their first ever bikes, probably their first ever Christmas present, they got them on Christmas Day and were speechless. The rest of the money raised will help towards their upkeep and school fees. I am sure you can see from the photographs the change in their lives and I am so proud to be part of a vision where I can see how the money is spent and how it directly helps the people who need it most. I am so excited about the future as Oasis opens its gates to transform the lives of many orphans.

I would really like to thank the Lambeg Players for partnering with Oasis over the last decade, we have enjoyed many shows and ultimately thousands of pounds has been raised to support Oasis Village and we are very thankful for the opportunity.

Annalisa Flanagan

(Director – Oasis Village Trust)

For more information on Oasis Village Trust, check out our website

www.oasisvillagetrust.com or follow us on twitter @OVTNdola

The Lambeg Players have occasionally adopted our own charity donating directly to them.  Most notable in 2005 we raised over £1200 for Scouting in Malawi and in 2006 £1300 for the Children’s Hospice.